S&T Alert

Stay informed of any emergencies on the S&T campus

The S&T campus is currently operating under normal, non-emergency conditions.
For more information read the latest alerts. Remember, in case of an emergency dial 911.

To receive emergency alerts and updates via your phone and email from anywhere, follow the procedures below.


Note: New students will be prompted to opt into the Emergency Mass Notification System when they log into Joe’SS for the first time.


If you are a parent or guardian and would like to receive the alerts, please encourage your student to add your cell phone number information to their account on the JoeSS Emergency Mass Notification Registration Page.

Parents and families are also encouraged to “like” and “follow” Missouri S&T’s main Facebook page (facebook.com/MissouriSandT) and “follow” S&T’s main Twitter feed (twitter.com/MissouriSandT).


  • Text MinerAlert to 78015 to receive campus emergency alerts (valid until midnight)

Faculty and Staff

  • Go to the UM System myHR website
  • Sign in using your S&T user ID and password
  • Click the “My Personal Details” box
  • Click “UM Emergency Information”
  • Review your phone numbers and email addresses and update as needed. You may enter your phone, cell, text and pager numbers as well as an alternate email address.
  • Click “Opt-In” or “Opt-Out”

Note:  The alternate personal email address is for emergencies only; the university will only use your official University email to conduct official University business

Why should you opt-in to the emergency alert system?

  • You’ll receive emergency news and updates regardless of where you are, on or off campus.
  • The system is used only for true emergencies (e.g. natural disaster; human or technological crisis) and once per semester for a system test.
  • There is no charge for service except whatever your mobile carrier charges for the incoming call or text message.
  • You can update your contact information any time online through Joe’SS or MyHR.
  • Your contact information is kept secure and confidential and will never be used to spam you.

The University of Missouri has contracted with Rave Mobile Safety to provide emergency notifications to current employees and students. These emergency notifications supplement other sources of emergency information such as campus mass email, radio, television, or Emergency Alert System radio. You should not rely solely on these emergency notifications but instead should consult other sources of information regarding emergencies as well.

The university does not guarantee that any particular message or type of message will be sent or that you will receive every message, nor does receipt of any message guarantee your safety. The university is not responsible for lost or misdirected notifications, equipment or software malfunction, or notifications that fail to be transmitted or received due to transmission problems, human error, or any other cause.

If you opt in, you are responsible for providing and maintaining up-to-date personal contact data in myHR and/or your campus student information system. Failure to provide and maintain current contact data may mean that you will not receive emergency notifications. Even if you opt out, the university reserves the right to contact you at university-provided email addresses and phone numbers.

You should also be aware that text messaging may incur a per-message carrier charge. You may avoid a charge by not providing a text number via myHR and/or the appropriate student information system.